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Our Goal...

...is to minimize administrative expenses so that every donation that comes in can be used efficiently in the prevention of diabetes.

We take pride...

...in knowing that 99% of every dollar given goes directly to our prevention programs, instead of administration costs.

See for yourself.

Every year, Diabetes Prevention and Aid Fund files a 990 with the IRS as well as conducts an independent financial audit. You are invited to take a look at these statements by clicking on the links on the right.

You have the power...

...to prevent diabetes. Please help us by making a donation to Diabetes Prevention and Aid Fund. You can be confident that your donation will be used with integrity to help prevent this terrible disease.

Financial Information Provided In PDF Format

Did You Know...

  • Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure.
  • Approximately 60%-70% of diabetics have mild to severe form of nervous system damage.
  •  In 2004, about 71,000 nontraumatic lower-limb amputations were performed in people with diabetes.
  •  Periodontal, or gum disease is more common in people with diabetes.
  •  Diabetes was the 7th leading cause of death in the US in 2006.

We Have The Power To Prevent Diabetes.

Please Donate Today.